Fabrication of Thomas the Tank Engine Water Tank

Reekie Steeltec was asked to fabricate a new water tank for Thomas the Tank Engine by The Caledonian railway. The original mild steel tank had become badly corroded  and needed to be replaced with a stainless steel version. We produced new drawings from the original tank and fabricated a new one in stainless steel.

After producing new drawings from the original tank, the parts were laser cut, bent and then sent to our weld shop for fabrication and welding.

The original mild steel tank to be redrawn in order to fabricate a stainless steel replacement.
The Original Mild Steel Tank

Using the old tank, new drawings are produced in order to cut and fabricate the new stainless steel replacement.


Laser Cutting Stainless Steel Panels




Several of the components need to be bent on our press brake before the fabrication process can begin.



Welding Workshop

All the laser cut and formed components are then welded into place by our experienced welders.

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