Sheet Metal Cutting and Fabrication

Our fully equipped workshop and paint plant allows us to provide a range of sheet metal cutting, fabrication and painting services. From Cutting, punching, forming and welding to heat treatment, shot blasting, spray painting and powder coating. We can do it all!

Reekie Steeltec serves not only the oil, agricultural and engineering sectors but also smaller businesses, councils, artists, tinkerers and many more! We have in house CNC programmers who can work from your drawings or produce drawings from your bright ideas.

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Laser Cutting Services

Waterjet Machining Various Materials

Laser Cutting Services Metal, stone and plastic waterjet machining and cutting
Exceptional cutting and profiling for a variety of metals including mild and stainless steel of various thicknesses. Laser cutting is our speciality. Read More Fast and accurate cutting  for a wide range of materials including rubber, stone, wood, plastic and most metals. This also allows us to cut thicker materials. Read More

Bending & Forming

Punching & Piercing

Bending and forming of sheet metal Punching and Piercing sheet metal
Precision sheet metal forming for light and heavy gauge material which also allows us to produce intricate and precise components. Read More Multiple shapes and sizes punched into various metals and other materials including plastics. With our CNC Punching Machine we can offer high accuracy, high speed and competitively priced parts. Read More

Fabrication and Welding

Painting, Finishing, Shot Blasting, Heat Treatment

Welding and Fabrication of metal assemblies Painting Metal Assemblies
Fully equipped workshop for fabrication and assembly with a team of
highly experienced fitters which allows us to supply our customers with a fully completed assembly. Read More
Fully automatic paint shop for powder coating, wet spray systems, shot blasting and heat treatment. Due to recent upgrades we can handle larger projects and items as well.  Read More