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We are a fully equipped supplier of precision sheet metal components, assemblies and sheet metal fabrication.

Our team of time served fitters are highly experienced in sheet metal, hydraulic and electrical assembly. As a result, we are able to deliver high quality, fully completed components and products to you.

Here is a list of some of the machinery types our fitters have access to:


  • Mig & Tig Plants
  • Komatsu 008 Welding Robot
  • Oxy-Acetylene Plant
  • We provide Tig welding facilities for thin sheet materials and other materials and we can work in Mild Steel, Stainless and Aluminium.


We can produce straight and mitre cuts in solid materials as well as tubes, steel profile, cast iron, plastic and non ferrous metals.

Elba 8′ x 1\4″ Mild Steel
MEBA 230G Metal Band saw
Profile-Line Bandsaw


Loewy 450 tone Hydraulic
63 ton Smeraltrnava
2 x 100 ton Smeraltrnava
Miscellaneous Flypres


Our Belt Grinder is used for contact grinding, surface grinding, long work pieces, chamfering as well as grinding HSS drill Bits.

Belt Diameter 700mm x 150mm

Drilling and Tapping Equipment

Herbert Multispindle in line drilling M/C
4 morse taper spindles Capacity 0 – 20mm
Herbert No2 Flashtapper Gears & Collets for controlled pitch tapping capacity 0 – 12mm
GMA Articulated Arm
Desoutter drill & air tapping units (2off) Capacity 4mm to 16mm bed size 3.5M x 2M

Are you interesting in our Fitting and Fabrication services? For more information email us on: sales@reekiesteeltec.com or call us on +44 1241 873841

Due to our wide range of machines and expertise we are perfectly positioned to provide a full service that provides you with a completed product at the end of the manufacturing process. We can laser or waterjet cut various materials. We have punching and piercing machines as well as a press brake for folding sheet metal. Our paint shop is fully equipped to heat treat, shot blast, powder coat or spray paint your product to the highest quality.