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Bending Sheet Metal

Bending Sheet Metal

A press-brake is a metal work machine for bending sheet metal and plate, most commonly sheet metal. It applies weight and pressure to a sheet of metal in order to precisely, and evenly bend and fold metal in to a variety of shapes and forms to suit your product requirements. The press-brake folds the sheet metal whilst clamping it between a matching punch and die.

As a result of years of experience our team will advise you on the best course of action for your specific project as well as make recommendations to ensure that the finished product is up to your exacting standards.

We operate two press brakes which allows us to bend a wide range of metal forms as part of our fabrication service. Our machines can handle light-gauge or heavy-gauge sheet metal for varied applications. We can also press brake channels and angles to your exact requirements.

Specifications for Bending Sheet Metal

  • Bending force – 320 tonnes
  • Maximum length – 4100mm
  • Mild steel 0.5 – 15mm
  • Stainless Steel 0.5 – 15mm
  • Aluminium 0.5 – 20mm


We have the capacity to roll sheet and plate, on our hydraulic pyramid rollers, up to 15mm thick and 3000mm wide.

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Bring your drawings and ideas and come and see us at our workshop to discuss your requirements.

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